I was speaking with a mentor of mine from almost a decade ago and it hit me that there was a very notable link between what he use to mention to me over and over again in those days and where I am today.  Enter the topic of Thought.  In almost every conversation we had as I was building a foundation for my career, he would state that “bringing big thoughts to the table” would always be a strong differentiator and needed to be a continuous focus.

It isn’t that everyone else cannot think, but that those that are confident in their thinking are able to have a constructive dialogue around opposing viewpoints and are willing to bring them up in situations where even the thought of a thought could create tension. But, if it’s for the better, well, that will likely create the best ideas and ultimately drive success.

Now enter Thought Ensemble…  Right?…  Isn’t it obvious?  An ENSEMBLE of some of the smartest people I know that are THOUGHT leaders and are driven even more from having these types of discussions, both internally and with clients.  So, I ask you… are you a thinker?  If so, are you willing to have constructive dialogues with opposing viewpoints?  And if yes to that, are you willing to bring up or even push / defend your position in a tense situation?

If you didn’t answer yes to all of these questions, you’ve found at least one area that you can improve upon moving forward as you grow and develop as a person and professional!