Apple store

No, I haven’t gotten my iPhone 5 yet.  I’ve actually tried to order it several times, but due to issues with Apple’s website and this not being the top priority of my life (gasp), it hasn’t happened yet.  It will.  At some point I’ll give in and go to the mall.  Ideally after the madness has subsided.

We hear so much about the iPhones on the news, I found it a bit surprising that Samsung has 32% of the smartphone market versus Apple’s 16%.  Among my friends and colleagues, iPhones still dominate.  This article from the New York Times is a good perspective on why Samsung is a formidable competitor to Apple in the lucrative smartphone war.   It is hard to ignore the numbers… and I have to admit, I do know a few people who really like the Samsung handset and Android operating system more than the Apple package.

I’m not even curious enough to pick one up and play with it.  I’m just glad there’s some competition out there!