The other day, I had the strangest encounter. Well, strange in that 15 months ago, it wouldn’t have been even a conversation.

While waiting to get a haircut, I was wasting time on my iPad that I went on and on about in several blogs last year. The first of those blogs discussed how interesting it was to me to watch as the iPad phenomenon exploded. The device completely changed the landscape of the computing market both in design and portability, and in an instant, kicked off what has been a torrent of tablet based products being brought to market.  Since that point, Samsung, Dell, Blackberry and now HP with its webOS powered tablet have flooded the market with challengers to Apple’s tablet supremacy. And from what market analysts continue to report, their very distant challengers at best.

Fast forward to this weekend and my interesting encounter. A young child and his mom waiting patiently while sitting next to me. And out of the blue, I hear “is that a 2?” At first, I’m not even sure as to what that means. I don’t even know if the woman is talking to me.  I look up, notice she is indeed talking to me and then I realize…she’s talking about my iPad.  Again, a year ago, I would have thought she was talking about my hair cut which most people laugh when I tell them that yes, I do consider it a hair cut even though it’s really shaved to a zero!  However, she was talking about the iPad.  A device and brand that has so radically changed the technology world that just a year later, Apple has provided an even better one, in the iPad 2 to capitalize on the first one’s success. To my dismay, I informed her that it was only an iPad 1, but that I’m hoping Christmas will come early.  A guy can dream, can’t he?