Here’s a fun little article called “7 IT Superheroes — and their fatal flaws”. Its worth a read by any CIO while thinking about your team … and their strengths and corresponding weaknesses.

Now on a sort of related note, if you are an IT person, go take this quiz to find out your IT personality type. While I didn’t necessarily like the results, I did find the quiz to be (GOL) giggle out loud funny. My results classified me as “The Shadow”, likely to move into “The Empty Suit” under pressure. But my MBTI type of INTJ would make me the “Ubergeek”:

“the Übergeek would be classified INTJ — an introverted, intuitive-thinking, and judging person/ If the Übergeek absolutely must communicate with beings of inferior intelligence (i.e., you), she would rather do it by e-mail. But if she can avoid all human contact, that’s OK, too.”

I don’t exactly identify with that, but I could see how someone with a more extreme version of my personality type, especially on the introversion scale, just might!