SomberFaceEveryone on this flight is either working, being entertained or sleeping. No one is writing, staring out the window or even talking to each other. The guy next to me is playing every game he can find on his tablet. He’s also completely oblivious to the fact that his leg is rubbing mine. Earlier he was playing a game that required him to twist the tablet, which necessitated a wider grasp and his arms rubbing me as well. Luckily it didn’t escalate from there. Those that are awake aren’t really here. Gone are the days of talking, much less thinking or meditating.

Traveling for work has given me four hour intervals flying to either coast to just close my eyes and think. This is my time to clear my head and truthfully start to step back from my life and take a look at it. It’s an opportunity for me to ask questions like: what am I doing with this life? What should I be doing? What do I need to make a priority in my life? All great questions to occasionally meditate on and adjust course if I don’t like the answers I have.

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the life you made for yourself. Close your eyes for a few hours and see what happens. If you fall asleep, try again when you wake up.