Moore’s Law and the Law of More



Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit (and thus processing power) will double every two years.  In parallel with this is what I like to call the “Law of More”, which states that the amount of patience we have as users of technology decreases by half every two years.  So, the more we get, the less patience we have for it.  It’s funny to think that not all that long ago I was browsing the web on a 56k modem with few complaints, but today if my browser holds up for even a second or if my Netflix streaming freezes for a moment I feel like I am on the verge of a psychotic episode.  What is it about advances in speed, ability and performance that make it so easy for us to forget how grateful we were only years ago with half the speed, ability and performance?  Don’t get me wrong, the demand for greater products and higher expectations is in part what drives us forward and I’d much rather be angry about a slight delay in performance of an advanced technology than be content with the laboring speeds of an outdated one.  But, it is funny to see how far we’ve come and how quickly we no longer appreciate it.  Go to YouTube and type “Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy” to see Louis C.K. on Conan talking about it from a more comedic perspective.