New Year’s Goals


dart board

Another year came and went. Personally and professionally, I have a lot to be thankful for in 2013. Personally, our families and friends are healthy. My wife and I were also blessed to celebrate with some of our closest friends as they took the marriage plunge. We were able to travel and experience some great pop culture events; ComicCon in San Diego and Lollapalooza in Chicago anyone?! And finally, we added a new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy (Zoe) to the Justice family…hopefully, she doesn’t drive our 3 year old Weimaraner (Indigo) crazy!

Professionally, Thought Ensemble is growing rapidly and we’ve had the opportunity to work with interesting clients on very cool projects. The work is challenging but our vision for a bad@ss consulting company and our growth plans for 2014 keep me excited and motivated. Oh, and my colleagues are fantastic too! I know we targeted lofty goals for the new year, but to steal a word fromĀ Jim Smelley, I’m fascinated with what 2014 holds.

And with that, my final “consulting type” comment for 2013. I encourage everyone to be thankful for their blessings in 2013 and excited for the new experiences and new opportunities in 2014. Take time to set your goals and push to achieve them. You never know how high you will go.