It is January 31st, so I guess I’m finally ready to commit to my new year’s resolutions. ┬áThis year, instead of specific goals, I’m going to try a less/more mentality.

Here goes:

  1. Spend less time reading email and more time reading more interesting things like blogs, articles and books
  2. Travel less by plane, instead do more virtual meetings, especially since the doctors aren’t letting me travel for a bit
  3. Write less on paper and more in Evernote and other virtual tools
  4. Hopefully the easy one… Lose more weight than I gain. ┬áSince I started the year up 25 pounds and am now up 33, shouldn’t be too hard

I’ve already been working on the first three, but I can’t really start on #4 until mid-April…

P.S. – Yes, if you didn’t figure it out from the context clues or “run into” me lately, I’m expecting another baby again!