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Seymourpowell Design Researcher Sarah Johnson recently commented on the Seymourpowell blog on how 3D printing is a growing technology which currently relies heavily on open sourcing:

“Open source technology harnesses the power of transparency of process – the continuous peer review can result in better quality, higher reliability and lower costs. This technology becomes stronger and more useful when it is put in the hands of the consumer,” Sarah says. “This can be seen in other open technology releases such as the internet – originally created for the military.”

As consumers are becoming co-creators, 3D printing is becoming the new industrial revolution — from growing human organs to creating edible food. Sarah describes Nokia‘s recent release of the design files for the Lumia 820 phone case as an example of how important this revolutionary age is becoming. How does Nokia’s embrace of the 3D printing community’s potential compare (or contrast) to Apple’s exclusivity of innovation? How will other companies’ market share be affected by this new phenomenon?

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