A few months ago, I would have been truly excited about this news about the new Netflix iPad app.  But now I’m apathetic to the news about a new iPad “toy” that my wife sent me via email. And this from a person who went on and on about how great Netflix was as a service. And who spent the better part of 8 blogs in the last two years, writing about the service.

The simple fact is that since we switched to be Netflix streaming only customers (for $7.99), our use of Netflix has plummeted. Cyndey and I are using Redbox far more frequently as a substitute for what used to be a weekly red envelope surprise from Netflix. We discussed recently how the fact that we’re not actually seeing an envelope arrive and that dictates to some extent our viewing habits. I’m sure Netflix did a ton of analysis about this phenomena before making the change. Or maybe they didn’t.  The simple fact is that without the red envelope, I’m much less likely to access the service and in the long run, Netflix has probably lost me as a streaming customer. Maybe as a customer in general.