Many years ago, I walked into a large conference room to work with a new client team that I had never met before.  I had been hired by their boss to help them rethink their software development processes . . . and they would probably had preferred that I not be there (although we eventually won them over.)

As I walked into the room, I noticed that the projector was still on and so I  asked them what they were doing before (hoping that I could break the ice with something non-confrontational).  They looked at me like I had just caught a Microsoft executive with an iPhone.

After a few minutes, one of the guys confessed that they had been watching the “Bob’s Scene” from Office Space as a way of explaining what *I* was about to do with them.  So, when I saw one of my coworker’s recent blogs, I nearly died laughing.  The next day I wore suspenders and a tie that was as close as possible to the Bob on the left.  A little humor can go a long way.