Thought-Golf-Tournament_v1.2With the Masters in full swing this week, I can’t help but meld golf and work, so I have an idea I’d like you to consider. A while back, one of our clients and I were discussing the needs of their IT organization and they suggested that Thought Ensemble host an event that would bring technology leaders together to brainstorm, gather differing opinions, seek insightful perspectives and build partnerships. So, what if Thought Ensemble hosted an annual “Thought Tournament” on the golf course? A golf tournament that brought technology leaders across the world together to both compete in skill and wit. Imagine several teams, each consisting of four technology leaders, playing an eighteen hole golf scramble while sharing ideas on technology, strategy, organization, delivery and other challenges. Each team member would have four holes to propose their idea for other members to consider and provide their perspectives on. Then the team would use the last two holes to select one of their team’s ideas to compete with the other teams for awards, such as most original idea and most creative solution. Of course, there would be golfing awards as well, such as best team score and longest drive. The end result being a great day of golfing, thinking, and connecting.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.