Volunteer / Voluntold / Volunshare



Volunteer [vä-lən-tir]:  To freely offer to do something without being forced to do it.

“I will volunteer to take on that task”.

Voluntold [vä-lən-tōld]:  To be forcibly volunteered for something, oftentimes unpleasant, by someone else.

“Hey Bob, you should take on that task.”

Volunshare [vä-lən-‘sher]:  To be voluntold to do something, and in retaliation you voluntell your voluntolder.

Joe: “Has anyone thought of doing XYZ to help out our efforts?”
Bob: “This sounds like something we should look into.  Joe, why don’t you take the lead on getting things moving.”
Joe: “Bob, I will do that. You seem to have some opinions on the topic though, so let’s co-lead the initiative.”
Bob and Joe both walk away as co-owners of the task.