I received a new computer last week and I’ve been reticent to open the box because I’ve had too many other things to do… but today, I realized that was kind of ridiculous. How long could it take in this day in age to get a new MacBook Air as fully functional as my very dysfunctional 3-year old MacBook Air?
I made it a game and started a timertimer. I literally haven’t stopped it yet, I’ll stop it when I finish this post. Here’s how it went down, with a hollering 18 month old in the background, a husband who kept forgetting this game required no interruptions to be accurate and the writing of this blog post.
1:45 Wifi connected
2:20 iCloud connected (access to contacts, calendars and a bunch of stuff I didn’t know Apple had)
10:51 Dropbox installed and connected (access to all my files)
12:27 Evernote installed and connected (access to my brain)
24:59 Office downloaded from my 365 account (access to my apps)
35:10 Latest Outlook downloaded
39:15 Mail and calendars accessed within Outlook
Many of us remember the days when setting up a new computer was a full day activity, with piles of application installation CDs and various insanely slow methods of transferring files from earlier computers. Then there was the hours of resetting all your preferences. Email alone could take hours to figure out. But now, wow. If I had a faster internet connection, as the download of the Office products were by far the holdup, I could have been done in 20-25 minutes.
Here we go… taking the picture. I emailed it to myself, saved in Dropbox and now have uploaded here.  Proving I’m fully functional. Final count 43:03 and that’s with a blog post.
I love the cloud today. No plug, no wires, no drivers, no CDs. I feel so free. And this computer rocks.