The obvious problem isn't always the right one to solve

Our Thoughtful and Ensemble-based approach is geared towards driving the biggest impact.

We are different

We work WITH our clients, not on them


Unlike many firms that talk about strategy, it’s at our core. While we help to implement our recommendations, we start with the goal of understanding your business challenges, understanding your existing goals, and build or enhance your strategy.


Sure, we love socializing with our clients, but our most senior resources aren’t focused purely on the relationship. We get our hands dirty, and we do the work itself. Why hire experts when the day-to-day is delivered by junior resources with only a few years (if that) of experience? Not only do our partners actually do the work – but we expect multiple partners to be involved in delivery.


We are experts in delivering strategy and solutions. You are an expert in your business. While we can bring industry knowledge to our engagements, nobody will know your organization better than you. We are driven by hypotheses that we use to challenge the status quo to drive towards better answers. We don’t work in isolation, you get to see the development of recommendations throughout the process.

Our Work

What’s it like to work with Thought Ensemble? We are multi-disciplinary. We are flexible. We are idea and hypothesis driven. We don’t have offices – we believe in digital and physical collaboration. And, working together, we have successfully solved some really big challenges.

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