Our Story

We have always believed that the most interesting opportunities (as well as the most challenging problems) in the business world today require two key disciplines:


Thinking seems to have gone out of style in business.  When we started our own business, we took a surprisingly radical approach (despite the advice of most of our business advisors), and deliberately took time to develop the delivery capabilities and approaches we bring to every client.  We take good ideas from business, software development, operations research and organizational development and shape them into an approach for each client designed to elevate the performance of the organization.  We come to every project with a viewpoint, but our commitment to satisfying the unique requirements of every client far surpasses our affinity to a particular set of methods or frameworks.


The most interesting work today requires the expertise and contribution of a variety of people because the issues organizations face are growing more difficult, complex and challenging.  Oftentimes, these teams blend people from many different companies: a key client or customer, a business unit, a supplier, an outsourced IT shop, a software vendor, etc.  These teams can be painful and slow to manage.Working with Thought Ensemble feels and looks different.  It is fast.  Concentrated.  Productive.   Even fun.  We work with vendors, other consulting organizations, affiliate consultants and partners to assemble the best team for the challenge.  We use the best tools for enabling group work including on and off-site facilitation, electronic meetings and innovation enhancing workshops.